This 12 years old boy has the most complicated leg in history.

surgery, volunteer surgeon, Dr. Frank Haydon, was shocked.

“I’d never seen anything quite like it,” Dr. Haydon said. “Just when I think I’ve seen the worst case in my career, I meet the next Ulrich and it keeps me going.”

After several complex surgeries, Ulrich woke up to two newly straightened legs in casts. During his first attempt to stand, Ulrich reached up to see if he could touch the ceiling.

“When I would walk in the street before, people would stare at me. They thought I was just a handicapped person, and they treated me differently. Now, they will look again,” smiled Ulrich.

When his time on the Africa Mercy came to a close, Ulrich offered Dr. Haydon a gift — his old walking sticks. Ulrich knew he wouldn’t need them anymore now that he could walk correctly.

Now standing tall, Ulrich is excited to look his future in the eye and work toward his dream of getting an education!

Thanks to friends like you, Ulrich received a life-changing surgery on board the Africa Mercy.



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