‘Iya Gbonkan’ is a household name when it comes to Yoruba movies. From being the wicked leader of the occult to the terrific mother who sucks off the blood of her own children in movies, Iya Gbonkan’s delivery of her special roles has remained intriguing and daring till today.

A mere sight of her by people who are triggered by scary scenes in movies will cause serious panic.

Below are 7 facts about Iya Gbonkan by Nollynaijanews.com you didn’t know…

  1. Iya Gbonkan’s real name is Margaret Bandele Olayinka.
  2. She undertook her first performing arts training under the mentorship of Duro Ladipo. During this period, performances were basically delivered on stage.
  3. Iya Gbonkan emerged into the film conversation in the early 70s featuring in the IFA OLOKUN’s TV series by Yemi Elebubon.
  4. Her father was a trader in Ibadan and she is also the only child her mother had for her father.
  5. After fleeing from her hometown due to series of maltreatment from her father’s relative, she came to Ibadan where she served as a housemaid. She was employed as a maid in Ibadan with the knowledge of her father.
  6. She is from Otu, Itesiwaju local government in Oyo state. In addition, her mother is a native of Iseyin in Oyo state.
  7. Iya Gbonkan got her major breakthrough in the productions of Yekini Ajileye.

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