In a touching display of paternal love, Nollywood actor Afeez Owo takes to Instagram to celebrate his daughter, Omotola Abiodun, on her special day. The actor shares a collection of pictures and a heartfelt video, capturing moments of joy and happiness.

Afeez’s birthday message goes beyond the ordinary, as he offers sincere prayers for Omotola’s continued well-being. In his warm wishes, the actor expresses a desire for his daughter to experience a long life adorned with good health, knowledge, and wisdom.

The celebratory post triggers a flood of joy from fans and followers, who actively engage in the comments section, using a myriad of emojis and adding their prayers to honor Omotola Abiodun.

Afeez’s message serves as a testament to the deep bond he shares with his “first fruit,” a term of endearment that encapsulates the significance of Omotola in his life. The celebratory post not only marks a birthday but also underscores the enduring love and connection within the Owo family, creating a memorable and heartwarming moment for both father and daughter.

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