Theatre practitioner and arts consultant, Oyetoro Hafiz aka Saka has got fans gushing over his daughter after he shared cute selfies of her.

Narrating the story behind the shots, Saka said his daughter made him take some selfies with her to prove that she is as tall as him, if not taller.

After sharing the selfies, the actor and comedian asked his followers to judge fairly if his daughter is taller than him as she has claimed..

Saka wrote:

“She looked at me smiling one kind. And I asked “Okanlawon this one that you are smiling to me one kind I am sure you are up to something. Oya now come out with it. “
She smiles again and said “hmmmm daddy daddy am not up to anything. I just realized now that I’m becoming a big girl now”
“I laughed “you that we just gave birth to this yesterday? “
She kept quiet a bit and then ” that’s true o daddy. Well let’s take a selfie.” And we did.
After about 5 minutes, she called me again. ” Daddy and you said I’m a small girl hmmm ok o. But look at our picture o. Somebody is as tall as her Daddy if not taller self”. I beg help us judge. But then NOTE THAT MY CAP IS PART OF MY HEAD O. I don’t want any bias judgement o. … IT IS WELL.”

Many sided with his daughter, confirming that she is not only taller but very cute…

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