Madam Saje Biography | Early Life, Career, Net worth

She is one of the most outstanding Yoruba actresses out there today. Her real name is Fausat Balogun.

Madam Saje was born on the 13th February 1959 and has made a name for herself in Nollywood. Most of her movies are in the Yoruba genre.

She got the name Madam Saje when she played the role of Erin Kee Kee, a television series in 1990. Since she started acting to date, she has been featured in more than 80 movies.

More interesting facts about this veteran actress will be revealed below.

Madam Saje Biography | Acting career

Fausat Balogun started acting in 1975 and has remained relevant in the acting world since then to date. She is also an award-winning actress.

As we mentioned earlier, she has starred in more than 80 movies in her career. In addition, her role in the 1990 television series Erin Kee Kee gave her an incomparable identity in the movie industry.

Some of the films in which she has starred are:

Okan Mi
Owo Onibara
OKo Mama E
Nkan Okunkun
Omo Elemohso
Laba laba
Leyin Aponle
Eto Obirin
Gbogbo Lomo
Ife Kobami
Iyawo Ojokan

And so on

The list is so long that space will not permit us to mention all of them.

Madam Saje Biography | Personal life

Fausat Balogun is married to an actor, Rafiu Balogun. Rafiu Balogun was her boss before they got married. The marriage produced several children; one of them is Afeez Adio.

Today, Afeez Adio is a movie director, and her youngest daughter named Bintu is an actress. It means that the family is a family of actors, actresses, and movie directors.

While Fausat Balogun was born into a Muslim family, she converted to Christianity in 2016. She is currently an evangelist.

Her husband, Rafiu Balogun, has another wife, but Fausat Balogun is his first wife. Rafiu Balogun is also a veteran actor and movie producer.

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He has produced several notable movies since he ventured into acting, one of which is Iku Lopin, released in 2016, and Ike Oko, released in 2009.

Another movie from him is Baba Lukudi, released in 2008. He is also known for producing Abeni Ajagun, an exceptionally successful movie, in 1979.

In addition, he formed a theatre group in 1970 named Balogun Theatre Group.

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