Celebrated Nigerian actor and filmmaker Muyi Ademola is commemorating the 20th anniversary of his legendary blockbuster, “Ori.” In a heartfelt post on his social media platform, Muyi Ademola expressed gratitude for the movie that not only changed his life but touched him profoundly, even as the writer of the film.

The thespian shared his emotions, stating, “Happy 20th to the film that changed my entire life! Even as the writer of the film, it touched me beyond words.” Muyi Ademola conveyed his appreciation to his fans and the audience, saying, “THANK YOU ORÍ 🤗❤️. THANK YOU FAM ❤️.”

In a significant announcement, Muyi Ademola revealed the release date for his upcoming movie, “Ori Reloaded,” which serves as the sequel to the original film. The much-anticipated “Ori Reloaded” is set to premiere this Friday, November 23, and will be available on Muyi Ademola’s YouTube channel. The post not only reflects the actor’s deep connection to his past work but also creates anticipation for the continuation of the iconic story.

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