Popular veteran actress, Esther Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow was on Teju Babyface’s show and the filmmaker made shocking revelations that captivated her fans.

She said It’s not easy for a woman to have 5 children with no father, adding that she lost her husband in 1984, and that then she was age 25 or 26. She affirmed that she didn’t enjoy her marriage, thanking God for giving her good children.

Citing an example, she said if one has children that are not his or her children, one won’t be happy.

According to her, her children understand things and manage with her. She said even if they drink Garri, they will pick their teeth with tooth-pick as if they ate good food.

She said then, she will go to the market with N150 and buy very cheap pepper, tomatoes and Garri just for them to survive, adding that if she doesn’t do that, they will not have money to take to school the following day because there was no father.

Iya Rainbow revealed that she doesn’t want to remarry, adding that she doesn’t like men. “They didn’t offend me but why did my husband die?” She added.

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