Mide Funmi Martins, Nollywood actress and daughter of late Yoruba actress, Funmi Martins has disclosed that he married his husband, Afeez Abiodun aka Afeez Owo who was her mother’s manager because of his qualities she found in him.

Mide, who grabbed what life thrust at her when she lost her beautiful mother said Afeez Owo helped her mother with all the works she could not complete before her death

Speaking in a recent interview, Mide gave some reasons why she agreed to date him 20 years ago.

She confessed that she rejected him when he initially asked her out.

“Of course, it sounded strange when he initially came up with that idea, I asked him if he was okay. I did not even think it would be possible because I saw him like my brother, and we were very close. Initially, I told him it was not possible for us to become lovers but with time, I saw some qualities in him which I admired.”According to the mother of two.

“He proved to be a reliable person. He is faithful, caring, and has a good heart plus the fact that he is very easy-going. All of these appealed to me and I reasoned that I should give him a chance in my life.”

Mide also advised any lady seeking a man to marry to adhere to this advice:

Mide Martins once said in an interview that “they will say Mide Martins is not meant for Afeez Owo”. “Another one will say, Afeez Owo is not up to Mide’s standard. She is too beautiful for him. She is too fine for him. They have been saying so many stupid things.”

“Please help me tell them I love him like that, I am sure some people don’t understand why we are together or why we are married. For me that is what they call love. It is very difficult for people to accept that Mide and Afeez are still happily married for more than 10 years”

This is one exceptionally excellent and effective family who have been relevant in the entertainment industry and are still relevant.

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