Nollywood star, Laide Bakare, recently disclosed a lesser-known aspect of her personality.

The Yoruba actress shared pictures of her outfit from Odunlade Adekola’s Orisa movie premiere and revealed herself to be a unique Alhaja.

In her own words, Laide expressed that she sees herself as her own Woman’s Crush every day, drawing inspiration from within.

Reason Why I Don’t Want Any Husband Again – Laide Bakare Reveal

On September 3rd, Nollywood actress Laide Bakare joyfully celebrates her daughter’s birthday, expressing her admiration and love for her.

In the days leading up to her daughter’s special day, Laide took to her Instagram page to honor her mini-me. She shared heartfelt photos of her daughter and took a moment to reflect on her own 25th birthday when she had fervently prayed to God.

Laide Bakare disclosed that she had specifically asked God for a daughter instead of a husband. Today, her prayers have been answered, filling her heart with immense joy. Sending warm birthday wishes to her daughter, she mentioned that her little one’s birthday wish was for everyone to follow her on social media.

“After my 25th birthday, I told God that I no longer desired a husband; all I wanted was a beautiful daughter who would be just like me. And here we are today, exactly what I prayed for. Happy birthday, boss @simlineboss! She has requested that you follow her on all her social media platforms as a birthday gift. She possesses exceptional vibes that you can’t afford to miss. I love you for following.”

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