Nollywood actress, Madam Saje is in a grateful mood following the birth of her grandchild and her daughter birthday

Sharing a photo of her newborn grandchild, she expressed gratitude to God for the grace given to her.

Alihamudulilahi Alihamudulilahi Alihamudulilahi baba dada oseeeee

Double celebration
Happy birthday to you my darling beautiful daughter Adunniade Bintu Balogun Today is your day ❤️❤️❤️

Congratulations on your new born baby boy Today
Baba Dada Oseeee Odoju Adura Timi


Recently news recall that Actress Bimbo Oshin was amazed with warehouse she stumble upon in Canada using madam Saje name has stir massive reaction.

She was so surprised which made her make a video of the store and share it with her followers on social media as she continued to hail the veteran actress.

She showers prayer on the veteran actress that God will continue to bless her and help her keep the good name she is trying to build.

Though Madam Saje did not own the store as the name ‘Saje’ means something different entirely in Canada.

She wrote: Alihamudulilahi Alihamudulilahi Alihamudulilahi baba dada oseeeee
I really appreciate you my darling daughter, love you daku
My beautiful Bimbo omo Oshin
You see this life some people sabi CODE @sajetiologa iya mi, help my life too o Anywhere awoof Dey na there you go find me this period ooooSAJE IN CANADA God bless you iya rere ❤️❤️❤️❤️SAJE DON GO INTERNATIONAL OOOO WE NO WAN EXPLANATIONS KAN KAN OOOE SA MI NI DOLLARS JOR

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