Adebimpe Akintunde, a well-known Yoruba actress and radio presenter, also known as Wasila Coded, recently delighted her fans by sharing lovely photos on her official social media account. The pictures featured her and her daughter, Princess Amida, enjoying their time together in London, United Kingdom.

Adebimpe and her daughter embarked on a trip to London for the premiere of her latest movie, and they have been having a wonderful experience. In the photos, both of them looked stunning, with Adebimpe wearing a charming pink jumpsuit that perfectly complemented her daughter’s beauty. She humorously mentioned in her post that she is causing a stir in London with her adorable child, bringing joy and tranquility wherever they go.

Her caption reads, “Disturbing London with my peace of mind. Please hug this cutie when you see her”.

The release of these heartwarming photos sparked a wave of reactions online, with fans and celebrities alike expressing their delight and admiration. Prominent personalities such as Biola Adekunle, Bank Anthony, Ashabi, Starboy Temidayo, and Toyin Haastrup showered the pictures with love emojis, adding to the joyous atmosphere.

One fan couldn’t contain their excitement and commented, “Seeing my big and small baby together in one picture brings so much joy!” Another fan appreciated the adorable twinning between the mother and daughter, saying, “You both look absolutely stunning, twinning with mummy is the best!”

The photos clearly struck a chord with the online community, evoking affectionate responses and highlighting the undeniable charm shared by Adebimpe and her daughter.

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