Late Babatunde Omidina known as Baba Suwe was a successful comedian better known for his exploits in Yoruba home videos.

He is still arguably the most popular Yoruba comedian of his time. But Baba Suwe hasn’t been having it easy.

After the much publicised crisis with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency,NDLEA, he lost his wife, Omoladun, who was almost always his soul-mate, even in films.

Baba Suwe talked with Potpourri, opening up his heart on a number of issues, Excerpts:

According to interview Baba Suwe Revealed Moladun was the salt of his life. She was like my mother. I never knew that is how death stings. It was my child that first saw her dead.

It was so shocking. We were together on the previous Saturday and Sunday. Even on Monday before I left for the office, we were together. And when I returned in the evening, she was the one who served my food before I went to bed, only for me to be unable to wake her up on Tuesday morning. I still haven’t got over it all. I feel so incomplete without her.

Even people have been observing that I have not fully returned to my former self in the course of acting”

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