Bolaji Amusan, also known as Mr. Latin, is a well-known senior actor in Nollywood. He recently shared a throwback photo of himself as a younger actor with Ajirebi and the late Mufutau Oladokun, also known as Baba Alaran, who passed away about two decades ago.
Meanwhile, a lot of people have joined him in praising God for his existence and professional success while also observing how quickly time passes.
He said;
“Grateful heart”
They saluted the well-known actor who has grown to be a household name and an elder in the business and prayed for Baba Alaran, the late actor, to continue to rest in peace.

See their reactions below;




Back in the day, Mr. Latin, Ajirebi, and Baba Alaran, along with other legends like Baba Suwe and Dejo, were some of the best comic actors in Yoruba Nollywood. Ajirebi isn’t active anymore and is content to live with his family while Mr. Latin is still working in the industry and doing well for himself.

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