Alhaji Kazeem Adeoti aka Adekaz has opened up on how his way of life and personality influenced his wife, Mercy Aigbe’s conversion to Islam.

In a chat with The Nation, Adekaz said he never forced, imposed, nor suggested to the star actress to convert to Islam when she did a few months back.

“The word influence is relative because you could influence somebody by a way of life. I never forced, I never imposed, in fact, I never suggested but I just believe that she was just influenced by my way of worship and doing things, so I guess I was able to influence her positively. Not only in terms of religion but also in other positive ways,” he said.

The businessman, film producer and politician said he would be fine, if Aigbe had remained a Christian.

“Of course yes. I never said she would have to practise Islam if she was going to get married to me, we never had that conversation. I have a lot of cousins, friends, nephews and nieces that are Christians and even in my family, we are mixed when it comes to religion,” he said.

Adekaz, who co-owns IbakaTV, also affirmed his involvement in politics as well as his readiness to serve if called upon. He said, “Yes, I have always been a politician, it’s just that I was trying to see how possible I could be available to be in active politics and serve and I think it wasn’t the right time but we are in the game.”

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