Nigerian actor Dayo Adewunmi popularly known as Sule Suebebe recently made an emotional appeal to the public, expressing his heartfelt desire to have a house and a car of his own.

The actor opened up about his aspirations and the challenges he faces in achieving them.

Part of his words read, “Ever since I started acting movies, I never owned a house or a car. I use okada everytime to get to my destination. Nigerians please have mercy on me, I want to have a house and a car of my own”

The actor’s plea has touched the hearts of many, who recognize the passion and dedication he has consistently displayed throughout his career.

One fan wrote, “Sir, you need to look good first. Your health first before anything. Looking at the way you are, you need good care and proper treatment. The house and car you are looking for is vanity upon vanity. When you leave this world, you go with none of them.”

Another wrote, “This is so sad! 😢 All these old actors have worked so hard, they should all be living well now and enjoying the fruits of their labour. What’s wrong with Nollywood?”

Watch him speaks below:

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