One of the most sought-after Yoruba movie actresses, Dayo Amusa, has used her Instagram page to share new pictures of herself with actor Joseph Momodu. The actress took to Instagram to share pictures of herself being pregnant as they were both seated on a bed. The picture got many of her Instagram followers talking as they couldn’t help but react to the picture in different ways.

Dayo Amusa was seen to be heavily pregnant alongside Joseph Momodu as they were both seen in a loved-up mood together. Although some of her Instagram followers wondered if they were truly in a relationship, they were both acting based on the movie script that was given to them.

Both of them are due to act as lovers in the yet-to-be released movie that is set to feature both of them. Dayo Amusa and the actor haven’t shared any loved-up pictures of themselves together in recent times, and it remains to be seen whether we will see more of the same on a regular basis.


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