One of the seasoned Nollywood stars who has been rocking the entertainment business for more than 50 years is Pa. Tunbosun Odunsi. He wasn’t simply well-liked when he began playing alongside the late Hubert Ogunde in the 1950s; he was well-liked back then as well. Pa Tunbosun Odunsi was recently one of Dele Odule’s guests when City People Event Center hosted him in Gbagada, Lagos. And many were astounded by Pa Odunsi’s English fluency. You might find it interesting that despite only having a primary school diploma, he has perfect English. ABiola Orisile of City People contacted him for an interview.

How did acting begin for you?

Olatunbosun Odunsi is my name. how did I begin? In Lagos, I got my acting debut with the Olayemi Symphony Orchestra at Ile-Nla in Ebute -Metta. They gave performances for churches, and I was forced to join the late Hubert Ogunde since they wouldn’t leave Lagos and I wanted to travel. Before I left to start my group, the Araba concert, I worked with him for over 8 years.

You have been acting for how long?

I have been acting for more than 50 years.

And before I started acting, I was a student. I joined the Sycotration Orchestra as soon as I started school, and when I finished and received my G2, I fully joined them before moving to Baba Ogunde’s group. Additionally, I had a brief job as a machine operator at a business in Apapa before relocating permanently to Baba Ogunde.

Acting for over 50 years, was there, anytime you felt like living acting out of frustration?

We were well-known through our stage performances before the movies. notably when I was with Hubert Ogunde, who sadly passed away. Yoruba Ronu, “The Ologbo Dudu,” Otito Koro, and others. On stage, I was already well-liked.

Everywhere we went, people used to hail us since the stage was so well-known. However, as movies and television performances of “Idamu Padi Mi Kailu,” penned by Alagba Adebayo Faleti, began to be produced, “Inspector Adegboye also made me popular. I was well-known before movies ever existed.

How many movies have you produced?

My first movie, “Ejo ni Igboro,” was produced in 1983. Ogun Abele came next, then Ayorunbo. “Ogun Abele” was a script I authored, but it was later bought and made.

How many movies have you acted in?

Haa! uncountable. The number of movies in which I have appeared is too numerous to count. I have worked on around 2,000 or 3,000 films, both domestically and internationally.

You also acted abroad? which movies was that?

The American release of the Nigerian film Changing Faces. The Japanese Sun. I took part in it while I was in Japan.

We hardly see you in movies these days, why?

I still act, but I told you I am into farming. It a big farm at Ago Owu In Osun State. My mother is from Osun and I am from Ogun State.

You cry a lot in movies, what is the difference between crying-Tunbosun Odunsi and Pa. Tunbosun Odunsi?

Yes see, any good artiste given any role should be able to get into that character. Artistes are clay in the hands of the molder. You know clay must not argue with the molder, he bends you into whatever he likes. A good artiste must be able to adapt and bend into what the script says. Enter into that character and give the writer what he wants.

You were with Ogunde for 8 years, what were you doing with him?

I was teaching and dancing, I acted any role given to me.

Do you have any of your children towing this line of business?

Yes, I have a son, Gbenga Odunsi, who is also getting there by God’s grace. He has produced once too.

How do you rest?

You see, I take my time to rest. When I am given a job to do and I know I can’t cope, I have the opportunity of telling them that it falls within my resting period, I may not be able to cope.

If the producer is the type who want me by all means, I ask him if he could postpone the shooting of the scene to accomodate me.

You have been in the  lime light for over 50years, how old is Pa Odunsi?

I will clock 75th on July 3rd.

You don’t look 75years?

That is what this job does to us. Acting and farming, most especially farming job. It gives you lots of opportunities to exercise. There is no time for laziness.

How is it like turning 75 years?

To God be the glory. How we wish we can turn back the hands of clock and look at the youthful days. But there is no big deal especially when you can mix with the old and the young. If you try to seclude yourself, then there is a problem.

Do you belong to any caucus such as the Odunfa, and others?

I belong to the entire group and this is because I am a father.

You started acting with many veteran artistes, who are your contemporaries?

Hubert Ogunde, Oyin Adejobi, Kola Ogunmola, Duro Ladipo, Ayinla Olumegbon, Ibari Oloko, Isho Pepper and many others. Chief Akin Ogungbe, Chief Oluseyi Tiger, Chief Omilani, Chief Moses Olaiya Adejumo (Alawada) and several others.

Would you say being educated has helped your career?

Yes, I will say that. You see the education we are talking about does much. If an illiterates decides to be a thief and a graduate decides to be a thief, education will go along way in prospering one better the other

How do you plan to celebrate your 75th birthday?

I don’t plan to celebrate it.

Why do you hardly throw parties?

You see, I took after my father. My father hardly attended any party. In fact, I saw my father dancing once in his life time. That was when Jehoval Jire African Church was to be dedicated in 1956. My father danced as the patron of the church. He danced for about 30 seconds. (Laughs)

Is that why you don’t want to throw a party?

You see, what I know about parties, my knowledge about parties, nothing good comes out of it. Many problems people face this days emanate  from throwing parties. If you don’t have any enemy try and throw a party.  You will immediately have enemies. This is because it won’t just be one.

Many problems people face now, if you look deep into  them, you will know that they started from the day they threw a party. For example, many of the stories. I have written, series in  “Ogun Abele” on BCOS, my series on OGtv, “Amoye”, Eleti Ofe were true  stories from happenings in people’s lives. Ogun Abele emanated from somebody, who got married, 13 years without any issue.  The cause of the childlessness started from the story of how they threw a wedding party. But as the Lord  will have it, some body told them to go and meet Iya. The couple, played with her and she told them the reasons of  their childlessness just because of the food offered her at their party.

How is it like crying and mucus coming out of your nostrils?

Let me ask you, when you are given a huge sum of money,  how would you feel? You will cry. There is cry of joy and cry of sorrow. If you are expecting something and it suddenly drops on you, it will bring tears.

You have a signature cap?

(cuts-in)  I just put it on my head and press it to the front. Just as my Oga, Alagba Faleti.

How do you juggle being a farmer and an actor?

Dele Odule called me from farm to be here. You don’t fight piracy on the farm. I love what I am doing.

You have acted in over 3,000 movies, what are you working on now?

I am working on “ Ojo Ola” I don’t know if I will still be alive to shoot it, but some people will take it up. The story has to do with what happened to this Nation. I so much believe in the  balkanisation   of this country.

I don’t believe in one nation. You borrow money to send your kids to school and he/she comes back, no job. But somebody will be at that position that my child is supposed  to be without having the qualification  or the technical know how. I will not bring an Hausa man to be DG of Custom in my country. An Ibo man will select his Ibo brother to take care of his Navy. Let us sit down and work it out.

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