Nigerian actor Saidi Balogun recently shared a video of himself during his visit to Mecca, which has ignited mixed reactions among fans and social media users.

While some expressed excitement and appreciation for the actor’s experience, others raised concerns about the increasing use of cameras during religious pilgrimages.

Saidi Balogun, known for his remarkable contributions to the Nigerian film industry, took to social media to share a glimpse of his journey to Mecca.

The video showcased the actor immersed in the spiritual atmosphere of the holy city, engaging in religious rituals and capturing memorable moments.

However, the video stirred diverse reactions from fans and followers. Many expressed joy and admiration for Balogun’s opportunity to visit Mecca, a significant religious pilgrimage for Muslims worldwide. They commended his devotion and shared heartfelt prayers for his spiritual journey.

On the other hand, a subset of fans expressed concerns about the growing trend of individuals using cameras during their sacred visits to religious sites.

One fan commented, “They will soon banned camera for mecca.”

Another one commented, ” Ppl no more concentrate on what dey went there for but to do show off dat am in Mecca 🕋”

Another one wrote, ” Nah pictures and video everyone go dey do for Mecca this year, keep it up”

Watch his video below:

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