Nollywood actress Funmi Awelewa today, Wednesday October 12 asked her fans to pray for her as she celebrated her birthday.

Funmi Awelewa who recently acquired a house for her family took to her Instagram page to shared stunning photos of herself on Instagram with the caption:

This is Thirty Fine🧡🌺

It’s a new year of Blessings 💃
I can’t do but to give thanks to Almighty God for blessing me with another year of life!

Dear Me, You’ve walked through fire and came out without a scratch and you’re indeed a survivor. Thank you for not betraying me. Thank you for letting go of the past. To not live in regret or fear that my past determines the beauty or success of my future, has been one of my life’s greatest lessons.
On this birthday, I have “A WISH” and My only WISH is the one I can’t find the right word to describe but my TEARS.
Hear my secret prayers Oh God and I pray to You, dear God, to make all my dreams come true, for the years have taught me that as hard as I may try, I still cannot realize them through my own strength and wisdom.
As I add another year to my life, I want to love more, I want to help more. I want to smile more and most importantly, I want to keep improving myself. So help me God🙏🏼
Happy Birthday to Me 🎁🎂🍾🎉

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