The Nigerian actress Laide Bakare has explained why she stays away from kissing scenes and love roles in movies.

This was stated by the Yoruba actress during a Saturday, February 3 interview with Punch.

Laide Bakare stated that doing romantic parts that include kissing and caressing is difficult for her.

In Laide Bakare’s words:

“Portraying romantic roles, especially scenes involving kissing and touching, pose unique challenges for me. Navigating the authenticity required for such moments while maintaining professionalism can be intricate. Balancing the demands of the script with personal comfort adds complexity to these roles, requiring a nuanced approach to ensure a convincing, yet respectful performance.”

Laide Bakare also noted that people were often more focused on her job as an actress, rather than her personality. She added:

“As an actress and filmmaker, my primary challenge has to do with navigating relationships and finding true love. Sometimes, people are attracted to my status and my profession, rather than the essence of who I am. Distinguishing genuine connections from those based on fame then becomes a delicate task.”


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